What I need is a good defense, ‘cause I’m feelin’ like a c r i m i n a l.

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#AHSFreakShow 4x02 Massacres and Matinees. #AmericanHorrorStory #AHSFX

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American Horror Story/Bates Motel Blog

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They don’t even know us. If they just got to know us, they would see we’re just like them. No better, no worse. Just regular people. That’s what we gotta do. Let ‘em know us.

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Find someone who loves you like Tate loved Violet  — Evan Peters

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People don’t come to see freaks of the heat of the day. They come in the evening. When the darkness moves in and speaks of mystery. The unknown. When logic loosen up its vice grip and the imagination comes out to play. The night allows the stars to shine and we come alive.

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